AUDIO RESEARCH GSi75 Integrated Amplifier with Phono Stage and DAC…and more

REF 250 SE Power Amplifier, Monoblock
“…The epitome of the ‘high definition’ tagline of its maker… the new Reference 250 SE is a class leader in the higher-power tube amplifier category.” Learn more about the REF 250 SE.

Reference 10 Line Stage Preamplifier
“…the uncanny ability to project three dimensional images on a vast three-dimensional soundstage… (with) the most lifelike midband timbres in audio… you get a highly realistic presentation on music of every kind.” Learn more about the Reference 10 Line Stage.

GSi75 Integrated Amplifier with Phono Stage and DAC
“This truly is a component that merits that most bandied about of terms, the Swiss Army Knife of audio products… it is hard to know what more any audiophile could desire… it is the perfect integrated amp for anyone looking for superb performance in a modest space.” Learn more about the GSi75.

REF Phono 10 Phono Preamplifier
“…sensationally lifelike tone color and tonal weight, tremendous dynamic reserves and uncannily three-dimensional imaging… The highest-fidelity phono preamp that ARC has made (which is saying a mouthful) and certainly one of the most realistic phonostages on the market.” Learn more about the REF Phono 10.

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